CHANI: Your Astrology Guide

CHANI: Your Astrology Guide

By Chani Nicholas Incorporated

  • Category: Lifestyle
  • Release Date: 2020-12-17
  • Current Version: 1.3.3
  • Adult Rating: 12+
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  • Developer: Chani Nicholas Incorporated
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 14.2 or later.
Score: 4.90818
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CHANI is your personalized guide through life’s ups and downs. The app was designed to make astrology accessible and useful. Our mission is to help people live their life’s purpose, and we believe that when you know your birth chart — aka your life’s blueprint — you’re better equipped to unlock your life’s potential and your personal power. WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING: “This app is my safe space.” “This app is like a chat with my best friend “This app is honestly life changing. Never have I understood myself more”. “the best way to start every daily” “I always laugh. I am often deeply moved. And always leave with more tools and compassion in my pocket to move through my day and the world.” Our app is FREE to download. ALL users have access to the following FREE FEATURES AND CONTENT: - DAILY HOROSCOPES: Daily horoscopes to know how the astrology of the day will impact you. - MOON PHASES: Daily updates on the Moon’s phase and sign, and guidance on how to create Moon magic. - THE WEEK AHEAD: A weekly podcast that gives you a rundown of the astrology of the week and tips on how to work with it. - THE CURRENT SKY: A snapshot of what sign each planet is currently in, along with dates and information on when each planet stations retrograde. - ASTRO WEATHER: An astrological forecast of how the next 7 days will look on a collective level - BIRTH CHART: An overview of where each planet is positioned in your birth chart, and a summary of each planet’s role. - DAILY FEATURED MEDITATION: A guided meditation for each day to help you make the most of the day’s astrological energy. We also offer PREMIUM SUBSCRIPTIONS that unlock all app content. This includes the following PREMIUM FEATURES: - BIRTH CHART READINGS & DESCRIPTIONS: Detailed insights into your unique birth chart. This feature unlocks every planet in your chart and the significant relationships they have with one another. - WEEKLY MAGIC & MANIFESTATION: Weekly readings, rituals, and audio offerings to help you get the most out of the week and its astrology. This also includes a personalized podcast for your rising sign, guided meditations and affirmations, journal prompts, and altar suggestions. With this content, you’ll get all of the tools you need to work with major astrological moments like New Moons, Full Moons, retrogrades, eclipses, and more. - TRANSITS: A daily, hyper-personalized look at how the planets in the sky are interacting with your unique birth chart. These transits are time-sensitive and build upon your horoscopes by giving you precise insight into when and how certain planets will impact you. - YOUR YEAR AHEAD: A personalized astro-reading for the year that tells you what to expect each month, what the main themes of the year are, and how to work with the astrology via rituals, journal prompts, alar suggestions, and guided meditations. - A LIBRARY OF AFFIRMATIONS AND GUIDED MEDITATIONS: A library of audio meditations and affirmations to support you through all of your moods and needs. Who we are: CHANI is a queer, feminist-led team on a mission to support everyone in living their purpose. 5% of all our company’s revenue is disbursed directly to queer, trans, Black, Indigenous, POC, and/or disabled survivors of gender-based violence by We believe in promoting economic justice from the inside out and that good business prioritizes personal well-being. That’s why no one on our team is paid less than $80K before benefits and each of our employees is offered fully covered health, dental, and vision insurance; a 401(k) with a 5% match; unlimited menstrual leave; gender-based violence paid and protected leave; unlimited PTO with a vacation stipend; a wealth-building stipend; and more. Providing a sound and safe work environment for our team is what allows us to produce work that can transform people’s lives and have a lasting impact.



  • Wow 🤩

    By ChandraBrite
    Love this app! Been using for a year now and it’s amazing how much calmer I feel with this knowledge. Chani’s voice is so soothing! Just received my 2023 planner and am loving how much time and care went into it. The spiral binding is really high quality and makes for smooth page turning. The paper is very high quality. Kudos to Chani and her team. Really excited for what the new year will bring 💖
  • A 5 star review - hands down

    By Jgb299
    Perhaps the most important thing Chani has given me is hope—hope that if times are hard at a given moment there will be good times ahead that are worth preparing for so that I can actually enjoy them when those lovely opportunities do inevitably come around. She’s really helped me gain greater self-acceptance in the sense that she’s explained things that I used to beat myself up for, but that I now understand may just be part of the design of the Universe and that have not just cons but an equal if not more number of pros. She’s such a beautiful human being that I’m just glad she’s on this planet with us and that I get access to some of her wisdom and fabulous personality. It’s a curious experience to sincerely love someone even though we’ve never met. But I do - I love her. She’s a great teacher. I knew very little about astrology before downloading her app, and have learned mostly everything I know about it from her so far. I really trust what she has to say. I strongly encourage anyone interested enough to read this review to get the premium version right off the bat. If you know the time and place you were born, you might consider starting with the “Me” section, which will provide you with much insight about yourself. Let’s just pause for a sec and say you’ve got a healthy skepticism. You’d still benefit from reflecting on whether or not something holds true for you because I can promise you that there will be a wealth of statements to consider. If you don’t know your rising sign, well, what are ya gonna do? Oh, how about meditate?! Her meditations are…like whoah. Assuming you do know the time and place you were born, though, listen to your weekly readings. They’ve amazed me. She’s predicted a couple of things that blew me away. One of the things fell sort of under the category of “this is a good time to try this,” and I tried it, and the result was life changing in a very good way. But another thing she predicted came to me without me doing anything. She basically said you’ll get a financial opportunity this week and out of my past someone reached out to offer a job out of the blue. I only mention the second example to demonstrate the incredibleness of all this. I actually think the first example hits closer to home about one of the main points of astrology—working with it where applicable. Another thing I love about the app is the “current sky” feature. It shows you where all the planets are in the sky in regards to your “houses” and how that’s affecting different compartments of your life. If you don’t understand what I mean by “houses,” it will become clear once you stick with it for a bit. The Chani app is one thing I know I can always count on putting down on my gratitude list. If you happen to be an atheist who wishes they believed, I think this app could really help you if you give it a fair shot because it reinforces the notion of a Divine Order of things, as if science weren’t amazing enough itself. But I digress. Astrology in general can do that, I guess, but there’s only one Chani Nicholas, and she is FABULOUS. Many blessings to you, and many blessings to Chani. Sincerely, -Jeff Briefel
  • Chronically optimistic

    By Kimpls
    Newer to this realm of diving deeper into my chart and how valuable the insights are to me pointing my attention and action to where I am best served. Chronically ill with limited energy resources, this app is equal parts long look in the mirror and compass for my intentions. Thank you to all behind the scenes for making this app such a thoughtful curated experience! Side bar….I often look at the artwork and think of how much I would enjoy seeing them everyday!
  • Chani Nicholas: A Channel for My Ancestors

    By Angel Iset
    The Chani App has been my 3rd grade teacher— the one who scared me before I knew her, because she was tall and wild looking. She ended up being the best teacher of my life. This app is a must for me with regards to medicine, radical healing and radical acceptance. My ancestors want me to stand in my full personal power. I know this because in 2017, Chani wrote “niceness protects what is predatory” and again in 2018-2019 when it was revealed that Uranus had entered Taurus, rotated on its side, important for slaying dragons + doing the hard things, and that our world will be forever and radically changed. It has been. May the depths of narcissism and it’s harm continue to be exposed and may we all find healing in those who/that provide true, tough love like my 3rd grade teacher. A. I. Dozier
  • Joy and Gratittude in an app

    By maggie henderson
    My sister referred me to the Chani app a couple of years ago. I downloaded the free version and, after a while, became curious about the meditations. Upon purchasing, I was ecstatic because I could see the rituals, affirmations, and journal prompts along with my transits in the current astrology. This app is indeed a Magnus opus. I have been practicing witch for a couple of years, and it assists with my practice so much. I start every day with the suggested meditation and listen to others before bed. The journal prompts are helpful; whenever I have a block or think I have nothing to write about, they always prove me wrong. The rituals have lovely suggestions and provide insight that sometimes you would otherwise not think about for your altar. And the astrology is beautifully written and so personalized that you will always take something away from it. This app is a blessing, and I am beyond grateful for Chani and the joy that this app brings me. Thank you
  • I love the Chani team

    By KT Corr
    Chani’s guidance has ushered me through the past year, like a warm, loving aunt lighting the way, for us all. Ever since I started using the app as my go-to, easy-to-use weekly compass, I feel a merciful sense of clarity around and within me. My self-compassion and overall relationship to myself have transformed. Her teachings help me treasure life, and I hope everyone who hasn’t yet taps into the priceless privilege of all things Chani <3
  • Best Astrology App I’ve Ever Used

    By McIncredibelle
    This is the best Astro app with solid neutral guidance and amazing meditation & ritual resources. Chani is a blessing. Absolutely worth the yearly subscription fee.
  • A valuable resource

    By MichelleDan
    I don’t write reviews because I rarely spend enough time thinking about a resource to believe someone else will find it useful. But this is something else. I listen to Chani’s knowledgable, yet soothing, voice deliver the weekly forecast every Sunday - and again on Saturday once the week has passed. Because that’s when some inexplicable stuff starts to make sense. And the information is not specific in the way of traditional horoscopes, trying to identify specific events like a lovers’ spat. It’s more like a weather forecast that tells you conditions are right for a storm. Listening at the end of the week always brings meaning to something I may have already pushed from my thoughts - and that’s where the learning happens. You don’t have to know what aspects, conjuncts, or trines mean - I sure don’t. Chani and her brilliant team break it down for you in a section that tells you what the transits mean in ways that are both meaningful and up-lifting. What a gift. I’d like to suggest gift subscriptions, because I would be buying for all my friends.
  • Most accurate/informative

    By ifihavetodothisagainiwont
    This app is so dead on and has taught me so much about myself. I love how deep you can delve into everything. It offers so much more accurate information than I have been able to find anywhere else.
  • Accurate, loving, helpful, good value!

    By Heidib74
    CHANI app has so much. The mapping and descriptions so accurate. I love the horoscopes and the audio weekly reading. I’ve made altars and meditated by her instruction. I’ve heeded the call for rest during eclipse. I love the graphics! So much stuff. A great value.